5 02, 2021

Five and Dimes of Main Street, Reading, PA

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When Woolworth's declared bankruptcy back in 1997, it marked the symbolic end of an era when beloved "five and dime" stores could be found in every big city and small town in America. Woolworth's, Kresge’s, Grant's, McCrory’s, and Green’s were all once a [...]

5 02, 2021

F. W. Woolworth Store, 530-534 Penn Street

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On September 20, 1884, F. W. Woolworth opened a store in Reading, PA at 530-534 Penn Street. The F. W. Woolworth Company (often referred to as Woolworth's or Woolworth) was a retail company and one of the original pioneers of the five-and-dime store. [...]

31 01, 2021

Woda Group completes 57 apartments for Seniors

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The Woda Group Inc., an Ohio-based property development firm specializing in affordable housing design, construction and management the water corporate companies, has completed 57 apartments on South Second Street for seniors to provide them with affordable housing. Barley Square is located on the [...]

30 01, 2021

Douglas Development Corporation to repurpose the Reading Station

2021-06-04T12:05:14-04:00January 30th, 2021|News|0 Comments

Douglas Development Corporation will repurpose the former Reading Station Outlet Center at 600 Spring Street by constructing 500 apartments over the next five years. Mayor Eddie Moran made the announcement, Friday, January 29, 2021 during the State of the City Address. Reading Station [...]

29 01, 2021

Reading and Berks County Speaking

2021-06-04T12:07:28-04:00January 29th, 2021|Culture|0 Comments

Oling, Tulpewihaci, Gokhosing, Machsithanne! Some foreign language? Not at all. These are native American Indian words which Berks County has adopted as place names. Oley, Tulpehocken, Cacoosing, and Maxatawny! To the Indian the first word meant: a place surrounded by hills; the second, [...]

27 01, 2021

The Railroad Shops on North Sixth Street

2021-06-04T12:07:29-04:00January 27th, 2021|Planes-Trains-Automobiles|0 Comments

In 1900, the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad began construction of the sprawling railroad shops along North Sixth Street in Reading.  They were the largest railroad shops in America, and unlike most railroads, allowed the Reading to make its own engines. The Reading shops [...]

22 01, 2021

A convent and orphanage for the Bernardine Sisters and Alvernia University

2021-06-04T12:07:29-04:00January 22nd, 2021|Organizations-Institutions, Schools|0 Comments

Many of the new immigrants, particularly in the second half of the nineteenth century, were from Poland and were looking for a new land with religious and civil freedoms. Pennsylvania would be the land of opportunity for many immigrants, some of whom would [...]

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