The former Bachman Pretzel Company, was founded by Joseph S. Bachman in 1884.

Joseph S. Bachman (b. 1863 – d. 1914), was born in Austria, and came to America with his parents, Francis and Margaret (Settler) Bachman, in 1868. He was educated in the public and parochial schools of Reading, and his first work was at Koenig’s Marble Yard, which position he left to engage in carrying the Daily Post for Wilhelm Rosenthal. His next employment was with the Penn Hardware Company, where he remained about one year, and he then apprenticed himself with Anthony Vogelman of 933 Walnut St., Reading. Vogelmann occasionally made bretzels, or pretzels, along with a general line of goods.

After several years spent as a journeyman, Mr. Bachman in 1884 engaged in business at No. 450 North Eleventh Street, where he spent three years, was for one year at No. 232 Mifflin Street, and then engaged in model baking on Fifth Street. Later he removed to No. 609 Moss Street, and in 1897 removed to 836 N. 8th Street with a back building at 837-839-841-843 Nicolls street, where he occupied a three-story building, which property he owned. It was around this time that he discontinued the general line of baked goods to concentrate solely on pretzel-making. The output at this bakery was 400 barrels of pretzels per week.

Below: Bachman Pretzel Co. Nicholls Street Facility.

Bachman Pretzel Co. Nicholls Street Facility

A report of 1908 stated that 30 people were steadily employed at 836 N. 8th, some working a night shift, and two wagons were constantly on the streets of Reading distributing the product.

Below: Bachman Pretzel Co. Horse-Drawn Wagon.

man Pretzel Co. Horse-Drawn Wagon

In the 1920s, when son Francis J. Bachman was president, a second plant was established at 2501 Kutztown Rd., Hyde Park. Several years later, the N. 8th St. facility was closed.

Through the 1950s and 60s, Bachman expanded its products to a variety of snack foods that include pretzels, Jax cheese curls, potato chips, popcorn and tortilla chips. A plant was later established at 51 Spring Valley Rd., Hyde Park and later the 2501 Kutztown Rd., Hyde Park facility closed.

Bachman Pretzels

In 2012 Utz Quality Foods acquired The Bachman Company with Utz buying the intellectual property rights, distribution and Ephrata manufacturing facility. The Bachman family still uses its Hyde Park facility under the name Savor Street Foods Inc. to make private label products and other goods for Utz.


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