November, 1931:

Fashioned with wood, the work of Textile craftsmen is a beautiful miniature reproduction of the Reading Hospital buildings and proposed additions.

Made in Textile’s Wood Pattern Shop by Willis J. Katzenmoyer and Charles Wengert, under the supervision of Foreman Harry A. Seidel, the model is now on exhibition in the lobby of the Reading Hospital and is attracting wide attention.

Even considering the variety of tasks that the men in the Wood Pattern Shop are called upon to perform, such an unusual job is a great tribute to the versatility and instincts of craftsmanship possessed by our men.

Tennessee poplar lumber, keen bladed knives, infinite patience, dogged perseverance and master craftsmanship were used in constructing the model.

Made on a scale 120 times smaller than actual size, the entire replica is in exact proportion. One inch on the model means 10 feet on the actual buildings. It was with this part of the building of the model that the greatest difficulty was experienced – keeping the proportions exact.

Pattern-maker Willis Katzenmoyer carved the buildings while Cabinet-maker Charles Wengert did likewise to the elevations, streets and curbs.

The tiny trees on the model – which are quite novel – presented a difficulty in finding the proper material from which to make them in order that they would not appear too artificial looking. Dried heather was finally selected as making the most life-like trees.

Small light bulbs illuminate the buildings and can be replaced from beneath the model, avoiding the necessity of removing the glass case which encloses it.

The Wyomissing Foundation, for whom the model was made, presented it to the Reading Hospital. When you are in the neighborhood of the hospital drop in and have a look at it.


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