Suds Kroge and Dregs Donnigan published the book “Bars of Reading & Berks” in 1988. The authors had previously written four other guides: “The Bars of Reading,” “The Bars of Berks,” “Eat,” and “Eat II.” The author’s real names were David Wardrop and Bob Weirich, Jr. Dave was known as Dregs, and Bob was known as Suds. They visited every bar in town to write Beer Drinkers Guide to the Bars of Reading in 1975. Being high school teachers and understandably concerned about how their book would be taken in the community, they chose to use pen names that stuck with them through four more volumes.

It was at Wilson High School, where Wardrop taught industrial arts and Weirich taught English, that the duo hatched the idea to hit every bar in Reading.  Wardrop, who began teaching at Wilson in 1963, was already a member of an extracurricular teachers’ group called W.A.L.B. (We All Like Beer). When Weirich joined in 1969, the duo began researching local saloons to find an optimum drinking spot for the group’s monthly meetings. From these inauspicious roots grew the book.

Suds and Dregs became something of celebrities, and not only in Reading. They appeared on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson and were written about in many national newspapers. They followed the first book with one on Berks County bars, then books called Eat and Eat II before revisiting every bar in Reading and Berks County to write their last book in 1988.

Each bar got a 1 to 5 mug rating, an address, a quote from a manager or regular that typified it, a note on what you’d likely see (or not see) there, and a one-line summary, all delivered with wry humor that could be either lighthearted or biting, but never dismissive. When a bar was a filthy disaster, they said so; when it was a rough gem, they said so; when it was a fern bar, they said so.

The number of city taprooms dwindled from 133 in 1975 to 109 in 1988 and county taprooms, which numbered 238 in 1977 reduced to just over 200 in 1988.

The bars in Reading & Berks were categorized into three types: City bars, County bars, and Go Go bars. Suds and Dregs revisited and rated every bar in the city limits and visited 188 county sudseries to come up with the 61 they felt deserved “BEST OF” status. Their rules included at least one beer per bar and enough time to get an overall feel for the place.

They visited bars like Stanley’s (a male only stand-up drinking bar),  Al Kline’s Paddock (a four-burp bar with original decor, including three saddles atop stools at the bar), the Spring Inn (seafood dinner for three: $25.50, including a pitcher of Rolling Rock), and the Northeast Tap Room to “talk beer” for a few minutes with Pete Cammarano, Northeast Tap Room owner.

Below: Stanley Wojciechowski of Stanley’s Tavern, Minor and Laurel Sts., with David Wardrop and Bob Weirich, Jr.

Stanley Wojciechowski Tavern Owner

The rarity of the book makes it a valuable addition to any book collection. In addition to bar ratings, the book includes illustrations, a historical account of breweries and taverns, and a detailed case study of their impressive feat of visiting 24 bars in 11 hours (with a designated driver).

Below: Bar reviews from the Bars of Reading & Berks, 1988.
Bar Address City/County/Go Go Bar Décor Clientele Pastimes Beer Food Comments Bar Rating Composite Rating
10TH AND MARION CAFÉ You guessed it! City Capped and Canopied Over and Under Cohabitating 5 domestics @ 40c on tap Chili Dogs, “Calif. Fish,” and “Pickled Egg" “Subway'' men's room and lots of stools. lt's not “Sassy's'' anymore but it could be much worse. 3 Mugs
18TH WARD CAFE Belvedere and Morgantown Rds. City Nice Patina Tatooed Pool, Short Board, Electro Darts, and other pleasant diversions 6 domestics @ 45C on tap French Bread Pizza to Crab Cake Sandwiches orn but friendly, the 18th Ward boasts a nice tin ceiling, mini-skirted barmaid and a colorful crowd. QUOTE: ”You should be here when it's jumping with the Rugby team and the bikers." 3 1/2 Mugs
????????? TAVERN Rte. 724, Between Douglassville & Birdsboro County Teeny-Tiny Country Deco “How long have you been out of work?" Reducing Vocabulary to the Bare Essentials 90C per long neck Racked, Jarred and Candy Barred The world's smallest trophy fish, shrunken heads and other interesting characters, a parking meter, and 8 bar stools are packed into a bungalow-style room the size of Sammy Davis' closet. The side room has a working pot-bellied stove and darts. Old refrigerators stand guard over a Madonna in the backyard. We like this place, whatever its called. 4 Mugs
ADAM'S APPLE 935 South St. City The outside “bar' is much better than the inside bar Believe the Ads Estimating Mr. Lee Expensive bottles only Full “Idea-of-the-Month" fare Another place with great potential. The beer garden with a panoramic view of the city is outstanding but the inside is iffy and the restaurant seems to change names constantly. 2 Mugs
ADAM'S HOTEL Adams Hotel Road, East of the Shooey Brick Plant County Country Ooze American Gothics Knocking Their Clackers Bottles only @ 50-80C Chicken Gizzards, Beef Tongue, Blind Robbins, and Sandwiches This is one of the top 5 unchanged, unmodernized, untouched antique bars in Berks. And Verna is a classic in her own right. Come visit on Verna's birthday, March 7, and drink a few. QUOTE: (Verna to Beam-Me-Up Bobby): "Do you play pocket pool?" 5 Mugs
AL & MARY’S 8th and Greenwich City Diamond In The Rough Welfare Regulars Pinball, Pac Man and Jigsaw 40C Schmidfs draughts sewed from Beermeister Pizza Pie, Chk Wagon Beef' and freshed-up micro pretzels The rough almost overshadows the diamonds here but the gorgeous stamped tin ceiling and walls and the 1 00-year-old bar and back bar, along with the original orange saf&sex machine in the men's brought nostalgic tears to our eyes. Jack and the rest of the BTA would love this place but the sign on the ancient men's room door sums up the neighborhood's current status- "Towels, Soap, Water and Service cost money - Patronize or Tip." 3 1/2 Mugs
AMERICAN HOUSE 2325 Railroad Ave., Leesport County Priceless Old and Below-Cost New Red-Necked Speed Freaks Doing It In The Dirt 3 domestics @ 35C + 1 import on tap Pickled Chicken Gizzards (10C), Sandwiches and Snacks The American has a basement men's with an attached iron-pumping annex, intricate 1890's back bar, rare "Sunny" clock, antique juke and Old Reading blackboard in a "renovated' mid-1800's hotel. NOTE: Real Darts spoken here. 4 Mugs
APRIL’S Front and Elm Sts. City Constantly Changing Salesmen Sidewalk Sales 75C per Pony Pigs Feet Hot Sausage and Fresh Columbian Pickles This neighborhood is so bad that we spotted ornamental cement lions CHAINED to a porch. As we approached April's from our parking spot we heard a cry of “White Meat" from a porch. Good thing we wore throw-away skivies that night. 1 Mug
APRIL’S II Green and Gordon Sts. City Brighter Than The Clientele Don't Play Ice Hockey Blackjack and Eight-Ball 3 Ponies= $2.50 . . . whitey Soul Snacks Believe it or not this has one of the great back bars in the County and you might want to check it out. Then again . .. 3 1/2 Mugs
BARNEY’S 12th and Buttonwood City Big-Screen Neapolitan Warm Damn the Calories - Lets Eat! 4 domestics @ 40C-50C on tap One of the best Italian menus in Berks The bar, sports-oriented with an unusual multihued corrugated front bar, does a thriving business. The restaurant especially with Milloni's for sale and Pachuilo's on the skids. may be the best Italian eatery in Reading. NOTE: Open 7 days year-round 4 Mugs
BASIN STREET Kutztown Heading Out County Contrived Victorian Kiddie City to the Woodstock Generation Videos and Polaroids 4 domestics @ 45C + 1 Canadian Very full reasonable menu This is a re-do but a classic re-do with its Victorian bar. stamped tin ceiling, carved wood accents, ceramic tile and etched glass. According to rumor, this is a reproduction of a famous Disneyworld restaurant. 3 1/2 Mugs
BEEF AND BEER Across from George Field City NOTE: At midnight on a Friday it was almost empty, For Sale, had a $3 cover and a band so loud that we couldn't even converse with the doorman. We passed. We'll give it a 47- tough to dance to.
BETTY’S PARADISE 336 N. 6th City Paradise Lost Friendly at 5 p.m. Rapping 3 domestics @ 50c on tap Snacks and Whoppers from Burger King on bar A former 1 B bar, this place has changed color and demeanor since we last visited. We did notfeel atall threatened at5 p.m. on a Thursday, but we wouldn't go near the place at 11 p.m. on a Friday night in August. 3 Mugs
BEVERLY HILLS TAVERN If you don't know, you can't get there! County Hearth-Baked Stone Ground I want it, "I own if' and "I can get if' Catalog Shopping, Clubbing, Carring, and Ducks, all unlimited 2 domestics @ 75C + Stoudt's @ $1.75 on tap Full Upscale Menu You're right. It's not "The Hills' anymore. Kate Smith and Cannibal and the Headhunters have been replaced by Muzak and live jazz, the silly hats are gone, and chips and pretzels have given way to pricey nouvelle cuisine. But the Robitzer clan has done a stunning restoration and the ambience, highlighted by the toasty walk-in fireplace, is warm and friendly. Best of all, "The Hills" is NOT listed in the Hall of Shame. 4 Mugs
BILL'S PLACE 11th and Cotton City Heirs Angels East Could provide the inspiration for Stephen Kings next novel We don't want to know 4 domestics @ 40c on tap Micros and kielbasa This is a strange, rowdy crowd that places a premium on good times. We cringed upon entering but were made to feel very welcome and stayed much longer than we had planned. 2 1/2 Mugs
BIRCH TAVERN Birch and Buttonwood City Derailed Interested in the Shell Game Cash Streaming Bottles only; Yuengling was 75c at the bar and $1.25 at the 4-feet-from-the-bar table. Full menu featuring quality seafood at heavy market prices This former neighborhood bar and shellerynow caters to the big-bucks-frorn-the-burbs crowd. A massive pillared back bar dominates the main room and the addition of lots more railroad clutter has really enhanced the overall feel of the place, 3 Mugs
BIXLER’S LODGE Stony Creek County Down and Funky Lodge Brothers and Sisters Hunting and Pecking 3 domestics @ 50C + Labatts Neopolitan-Accented Menu We liked the old, cluttered-antiqued Bixler's much better but the combination of knotty pine, stone fireplace, hewed beams, flagstone floor, and attractive young crowd makes this a very popular quaffery and well worth a look. 4 Mugs
BOB’S SHIPWRECK PUB 5 N. 9th St. City Nautical Knobs The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Boy George's Mother Beer Bottle Short Board and Tough Darts 4 domestics (incl. 1/2 & 1/2) @ 35C at "low tide" Pizza, Cheese and "Imported' Sandwiches A strange, non-threatening mix of good-timers surrounded by the worst art gallery in Berks. Special nights include 16 oz. draughts @ 60c and a Saturday night "Buy American - Save a Job" celebration, 3 1/2 Mugs
BOO-BOO’S 1016 Cotton St. City Re-Electrified Polish Nationals Baseball on the radio, pool and politicking 5 domestics @ 30C on tap Sliced-behind-the-bar Sandwiches Boo-Boo's reminds us of a time when we had row houses instead of town homes and bars instead of lounges. The decor and clientele are very basic and you're tempted to look around and say, “Why do I like this place?” And you'll probably say the same thing the next time you go back, and the time after that and . . . OBSERVATION: We experienced our first sighting of a seeing eye dog in a bar here and the pooch was better behaved than most children. 4 Mugs
BOOK AND BREW Kutztown Central County Wickes Lumber Showroom Full Tilt Pinball and Foosball 3 domestics @ 60C + 4 imports @ $1 on tap his has always been a Kutztown hot spot for undergrads and overgrads. Two of the big assets are great happy hours featuring free hot dogs and other treats and Beth, the bodacious barmaid. 3 1/2 Mugs
BORELLI’S 3rd and Franklin City Animal Proof Looking For Mr. Goodbuy Thafs nothing, I once knew a guy ... 7 domestics (incl. Colt .45) @ 50C on tap Full very cheap Italian-American menu It's real LOUD and the potpourri clientele wouldn't last 10 minutes in Wyomissing but the beer's cold and you could eat here for a year for the price of one BMW payment. 3 Mugs
BOWERS HOTEL By the stream in Bowers County Edish & Dotish Read the Book Finding Peace 3 domestics @ 50C + Moosehead @ 75C Fully imaginative menu ala Tam This is a good example of what can be done with an old hotel. The decor is pristine, the ownership and helper bee corps make you feel like family and the food is among the best values in Berks. 5 Mugs
BRASS LANTERN 12th and Pike City Shupp's Grove North Missed the Shuttle to Suburbia Checking Their Grips $1 per mug of "Mich" Full Pseudo-Colonial Menu We liked it better when it was Sammy's Steaks 2 Mugs
BREEZE INN Pricetown Rd. & Rte. 73 Go Go Surprisingly Intact Weathered and Leathered Wind in the Face and Bugs in the Teeth Bottles only @ $1 no-go + $1.25 go-go Finger Food Though the clientele bordered on seedy the bar was tidy and almost attractive. Go-Go Desiree kicked it off with a fitness number that in our inexperienced opinion, fit the bill just fine COMMENT II: We love the Breeze Motel ad: “Now open 24 hrs." 4 Mugs
BREWERY INN 9th and Laurel City K-Notty Eager Eaters and Lite Drinkers Waxing Their Volvos Lite only on tap; bottles pricey Full, very reasonable Italian menu featuring a one-price-feeds-all full course extravaganza. The bar trade has faded here but a 3-month wait for a dinner reservation is not uncommon. The dining room and bar areas have certain charm and Russ and family put on quite a feed at dinner. 2 Mugs 4 1/2 Mugs
BRICK HOUSE TAVERN 11th and Green City A Breath of Fresh Air Loyal Regulars Tongue Twisting 4 domestics @ 50c on tap (incl. Stoudfs) Full Menu with mix of standard fare and creative specials like Coquille St. Jacques ($8.95). Very pleasant owners have restored this Reading classic featuring stamped tin ceiling and walls, ceramic tile, original lower back bar, and marble front bar. 4 Mugs
BY-BAR 220 Penn St. City Dark and Shingled Friendly Calico Crowd Olde English 800 and Colt .45 4 domestics @ 40C on tap Sandwiches and Snacks Though the place was busy, the people were friendly, and the Art Deco tiled floor and nice lower back bar were nice touches, we found the Kurtz much more interesting. 2 1/2 Mugs
CAMEL INN Downtown Centerport County One Hump or Two? Humpers Pool, Darts, Video and, of course . . . 4 domestics @ 50C per large mug Sandwiches, Snacks, and Limited Platters You will find little in the classical vein here but you will find a pleasant little country bar with an attractive, attentive barmaid and a men's room with a view of Main Street. 3 1/2 Mugs
CENTRAL HOTEL Next to the M. Domer Leibensberger Funeral Home, Hamburg County Half and Half Heads and Tails Tough Darts and Pool 4 domestics @ 25C (happy hour) on tap Sea Nuggets, Sandwiches and Snacks Probably the most popular bar in Hamburg, the Central has a nice late-Victorian back bar and a young free-wheeling crowd. SIGN: "Nobody is ugly after 2:00 a.m." 3 Mugs
CHARMER’S CORNER Moss and Walnut City Old Blonde Older and Thicker Dodge City, Talking Tic-Tac Strike and Pool 4 domestics @ 30C on top Stewarts and other Sandwiches + Snacks The epileptic bar dog is gone and the champion softballers' bats have gone limp but the "Corner has retained a certain old time charm missing in many of the ferned sudseries of the 80's. 3 1/2 Mugs
CHAS 23rd and Howard St., Mt.Penn Go Go Better Than Average Decent Unthreatening Male Mix Ogling $1.75 per domestic bottle Sandwiches with Great Buns This is one of the nicer Go-Go's we visited. The girls were much better than some of the retreads we saw elsewhere and were very personable. Much of the original Mt. Penn Tavern decor is still intact. NOTE: Some of the guys at the bar seemed more interested in one another than the dancing girls. 5 Mugs
CHEF’S LOUNGE 9th and Green City Fubar Que Paso Pool and Cards (as in green) Limited bottles only; 55C "Rock" Ponies Full menu with heavy Latino accent We didn't speak the barmaids language. This is a terrible waste of a stamped tin ceiling and great old back bar. SIGN: "Please throw the ball straight at all times. No Gambering." 2 Mugs
CHET & BETTS 723 N. 8th St. City If Our Homes Looked Like This, We'd Move Crust of the Earth LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and Pinball 3 domestics @ 35C on tap Full sandwich menu allons of Muscatel, Sherry and Port dominate the back bar as does the barmaid, The men's room has a nice sink, QUOTE: (overweight barmaid): Tve been doing pretty good in my meal planning - we don't have any leftovers." 2 Mugs
CHIP SAVINI'S BERKLEY INN Off Rte. 61 near 83 Lumber Go Go 1850's Exterior + 1950's Interior Have Big Rigs Tightening Up 4 domestics @ $1.25 on tap $1.25 Hamburgers and Chips A great old stone hotel with an unusual permo-stoned interior, a barmaid who made Dregs look obese, and a convivial unchested Go-Go dancing behind the bar, the Berkley couid be much worse. 3 Mugs
CONRAD WEISER INN Womelsdorf County Western Berks Victorian Dorfers Short Board and Pinball 4 domestics @ 40C on tap Full Menu This is one of the best turn-of-the-century barrooms in Berks and has a massive back bar with service bar, ornate tin ceiling and colorful tile floor. The food has been inconsistent here the last few years but the bar area is a must for purists. 4 1/2 Mugs
CORNER HOUSE Lancaster and Funston Aves. City Sheeted and Ironed Young and Horizontally Static Facing Off 3 domestics @ 50C on tap + lots of imports in bottles They list spaghetti and meatballs under the "Charry Broiler' section of the menu. Does that tell you anything? A well-known tavern with a good import selection that remains busy, perhaps due to lack of competition in the immediate area. 2 1/2 Mugs
COTTON GIN 16th and Cotton City Subterranean Sniffers and Snuffers Short Board, Darts and Video 2 domestics @ 40C on tap Tack's is across the street This is one of the only 3 basement bars left in the County and we have a soft spot for it. The crowd is friendly and boisterous and the bartenders remind us of the bad guys in Dirty Harry flicks. 3 1/2 Mugs
COZY CORNER 414 S. 9th St. City Dark Discussing the Latest Shooting Dodge City, Pool and Prism 4 sour draughts @ 35c on tap Stewarts and Alka-Seltzer Rolling papers and condoms for sale behind the bar. 1 1/2 Mugs
DEWEY’S 10th and Perry City Panel City Bang-for-the-Buckers Eating Out 5 domestics (incl. Yuengling) @ 40C on tap Full "twofers" dinner menu Antique Clydesdale light, large-screen N, ceramic-framed urinal, and lots ot space. 3 Mugs
DIANNA’S PLACE TAVERN 309 N. 8th St. City Pre-Z-Brick Pony Bottlers Obstacle Suffleboard, Electro Darts, Short Board 4 domestics @ 45C on tap Jerky They got nervous when they saw the notebook and moved the playpen to the back room. QUOTE: "I think that Reagan is a Jelly Beaner, not a Gerbiller." 3 Mugs
DOUGLASSVILLE HOTEL Rte. 422, Douglassville County Cheers! There's not a prejudiced bone in my body. Trying to hear one another 8 domestics and imports @ 55-90C on tap (incl. Dock Street and Anchor Steam) Huge Sandwich Menu This is a loud, friendly place with a great selection of imports, alluring barmaids, a good bang-for-the-buck sandwich, and yet another Sunshine Beer clock counting the hours. SIGN: "Please keep your hands off the barmaids' buns." QUOTE: "I think that welding is hereditary." 4 1/2 Mugs
EAGLE HOTEL Bernville County Blended Dead'' Shirts to Deere" Caps Pool, Pinball and Long Board 4 domestics @ 35C + Yuengling in bottles Jarred Cuisine- hot bologna, tongue, pickles, tomatoes, red beet eggs, chicken gizzards, tripe, and pepperoni Though a short- sighted owner tore out the original back bar, the glass block front bar and the expansive stamped tin ceiling are still intact and the Eagle is the kind of place that "one for the road'' usually is not enough. 4 1/2 Mugs
EARL'S OLD MILL Somewhere on Rte. 737. North Berks County Pre-Naugahide with a Side Order of Gas Not many can find it Wetting the Old Whistle Bottles only (incl. Yuengling Porter @ 60c per Pony) Sandwiches and Snacks We screwed up and missed this one in our County book. This classic bungalow-style pastel piece has unique neon ceiling lights and a bathroom with a toilet tank that looks like a giant Excedrine mounted horizontally on the wall along with an oak seat that provides autoflush when its customer has been satisfied. 4 Mugs
EBERHART'S Under the Bridge City Nondescript Stainless I'm no Bimbo! Dodge City and LOUD Music 4 domestics @ 45C on tap Soup, Sandwiches ana Lotsa Snacks It's not cluttered and the men's room doesn't stink any more but at night entry is gained only after being checked out through the locked door and, after inside, we wondered why we bothered. 2 Mugs
ELBOW ROOM 252 S. 9th St, City Wrought lngie Pingie Drop-Outs Pinball and Barmaid Watching 3 domestics @ 35c per short draught Hot stuff on weekends We expected the pits here and were pleasantly shocked. Local youngsters and well-seasoned oldsters were having a great time with the vivacious barmaid. The decor is wrought iron, cheap paneling and formica but could be much worse and the "Elbow' has the longest beer coasters in the County. 3 Mugs
FRANK'S 7th and Pine City Worn and Wonderful A hard man is good to find Tag-teaming Bottles only @ 75C per Pony Bag it The back bar is large, long and delicate. The front bar is old and worn. The dominant colors are dark. The patrons are a combination of all of the above. We kind of like this place but you'll probably wonder why. 4 Mugs
FRIENDLY INN 6th and Robeson City Quilted Stainless Modern Real McCoy Blues Pool, Electro Darts, "Nintendo" 40C domestic draughts Cub Scout M&M's, Pizza and Sandwiches Dregs remembers buying 3 quarts of Reading for $1 here when he was 16 (this place is OLD) and the ever-popular Friendly is starting to show itsage. The men's and the glass block reflect past crowds and this could probably now be the cocktail lounge for Motel Hell. 2 Mugs
GAME ROOM 10th and Exeter City Long Shooters, Shufflers and Spreaders Figuring the odds 5 domestics @ 40c on tap Sandwiches, Snacks and 1 Meal Bring back the Rathskeller! 2 Mugs
GENARO'S 11th and Buttonwood City Uninformed Eaters and Draught-Guzzling Spinsters Soaps and Suds 6 domestics @ 35c on tap Cajun (so they say) and Italian at uptown prices The glass block front bar and unusual Arthurian back bar with windowed beer doors are nice touches. Some people swear by the food here. We've tried it several times and each time swore AT it and the overpriced bill that accompanied it. NOTE: A ”widoW' at the bar divided her time between soaps on the tube, talking to herself and playing a strange mix of Big Band and Little Richard hits on the juke. 4 Mugs 2 Mugs
GENTLEMAN JIM'S 10th and Amity City Dark and Flaky Desperate Changing Oil 50C ponies Hot Dogs and Gumballs This could be a long night. We had to go here in the name of research; you don't. NOTE: Closed at time of publication. 1 Mug
GLASS DOOR 221 N. 5th City Funked Up Chameleon The Boys and Girls In The Band Discoing, Decorating and Cheek-to-Cheeking Bottled only @ $1 per domestic/$1.50 import Depends on when you come This is a hard place to capture. We love the place but outsiders should be warned - the dessert of the day might be you. OVERHEARD AT THE BAR: "Stop and see us sometime .. . and bring the whips and chains.” 3 Mugs 4 1/2 Mugs
GOLDEN LION 3rd and Greenwich City As Strange As The Clientele Beastly Boys and Girls Nibbling 5 domestics @ 50c on tap Sandwiches and Snacks If the old Bev-a-Door in the corner could speak things could get very embarrassing for many of you reading this. But don't worry, it can't and we won't. 3 Mugs
GRAND CENTRAL TAPROOM Fleetwood. on the Square County Grand Funk Hay Seeds to Hay Bailers Checking Their Lucky Numbers 4 domestics on tap but stick to the bottles of Yuengling Sandwiches. Snacks. Platters. and the best French Fries in Berks The ONLY drawback to this one-of-a-kind classic piece of Americana is the tap system. The Grand Central, like the Grand Canyon. Must be seen to be believed. 5 Mugs
GUARD HOUSE 6th and Spring City Authentic Post-War Art Deco Authentic Pre-War Artifacts Remembering when the old organ was still pumping away 4 domestics @ 40C + 1 import on tap Full cheap menu featuring seafood nother Reading institution, the Guard House features a plethora of glass block, gold lame' bar stools, recessed ceiling," subway' men's room, organ music at dinner, beer bottle chute, large semicircular bar, ceramic-tiled walls and terrazzo floor. It is THE Art Deco bar in Reading. URBAPHOBIA DEPT.: Suds put his money in his shoe before getting out of the car. City-boy Dregs laughed at him. HE WHO LAUGHS LAST DEPT.: Dregs' VW emblem was missing from his car 15 minutes later. 3 1/2 Mugs
HAAG’S HOTEL Shartlesville County Bent and Knurled Live Here/Wish They Lived Here Puttin' On The Trough Bottles only @ 55C per Pony Full Pa. Dutch Menu The most unusual bar furniture in the County along with a brass bar rail, trough, Bavarian back bar. inlaid tile floor. loads of brewabilia, and a panoramic view of the Blue Mts. make Haag's another must-see. 4 1/2 Mugs
HAROLD’S Oley and Locust City Bricked and Rugged Their collars are so blue that they even hate Ollie North. Short Board and Pinball 4 domestics @ 40c on tap Faller's Pretzels on bar + sandwiches and snacks A typical neighborhood bar with nothing special save the “Rock-ola" juke boxes on the walls, but every neighborhood should have a Harold's. 3 Mugs
HARRY AND NETTIE’S 7th and Spruce City Downtown Saturday Night Have Been to the Apollo Gettin' Down Bottles only. We paid $1 for Ponies at disco time. We didn't ask We had been to just enough places and had just enough to drink that we started to like this place. They did not feel the same about our lily-white buns. When Suds tried to soul-disco with "Space Shuttle," one of our guest stars, we were sniggered into submission and we gingerly backed out the door. NOTE: According to the bartender, this bar was used in the film RABBIT. RUN. 1 1/2 Mugs
HOF BRAU 5th and Cherry City Post-War Rustic Downtown Nostalgic Businessmen, Bag Ladies, and Urban Cowboys Bellying up to the Big Boy 3 domestics @ 50c per mug + lots of imports and specials Full soup, sandwich and small meal menu, decidedly unGerman and very reasonable An a.m. eye-opener Happy Hour offers a shot for 75C and a shot-and-o- beer for $1. The men's has a great walk-in urinal, the original back bar features huge Doric columns with intricate scroll work and, at4 p.m., we found a nice crowd, a congenial work force and moderate drink prices with plenty of free munchies. COMMENT II: If you expected us to stoop to "Shots are on the house" and "Bloody Mary'' jokes here, you were dead wrong. 5 Mugs
HORSESHOE TAVERN Rte. 419, north of Womelsdorf County Modified Paddock Passers By Pickin' and Plowin' Bottles only @ 50C per Pony Bar Sandwiches and Snacks From the old "Bar-Beer-Liquor sign out front to the knotty pine, Ballantine sign and Venetian blinds inside, the Horseshoe is a quiet trip into days gone by. 4 1/2 Mugs
HUEY’S GREY FOX INN Across the road from #3 tee County Cluttered Dark Golfers and Other Strange Beasts Chalking Their Cue Sticks 3 domestics @ 40c + Molson @ 55c on tap Sandwiches and Snacks Huey's made the best of the County because it has a great 2-man urinal and it has Huey, and we included it in the Case Study. 3 Mugs
HUNTS HIDEOUT Thorn and Douglass City Noveau Centre Park Upwardly Mobile Westsiders Facing Off 3 domestics (incl. Yuengling) @ 75c on tap Full lunch and dinner menu Old Beer-a-Door and friendly gregarious crowd make Hunts a pleasant stop along the way of life. 3 1/2 Mugs
INN-TOWN CORNER PUB Centre Ave. and Exeter St. City Eaten Beaten 8-Ball, Fast Cars and Slow Women 6 domestics @ 35C on tap Reservations available at bar The music was LOUD 60's rock, the painted doll at the bar was probably not for sale and the crowd was downright threatening. 2 Mugs
JACK'S PUB 10th and Amity City Classic Know One Corner From The Other Long Board and Short Board 5 domestics @ 35C on tap Sandwiches and Snacks Jack's features a grand old back bar with turned marble pillars, an original front bar, grandstand seats, great ambience and lots of history. 4 1/2 Mugs
JACKSON’S EAST READING CAFE 14th and Cotton City East Reading Funky East Reading Nightclubbers Electro Darts 4 domestics @ 50C on tap Big selection of pizza, sandwiches, soup, etc. The prices were too high, the bartender was too hip and the place was too slick for Cotton Street. When we visited 10 years ago the septuagenarian bartender was reading a newspaper with a flashlight at the ancient square bar and we thought that, with the right ownership, this place showed great potential. The potential is fading fast. 3 Mugs
JAKE’S PLACE Old Rte. 22, across from the State Hospital County Vintage Road House Vintage Hamburgers Darting and Soothing Yuengling on tap @ 30C per Real Bar Sandwiches and Snacks We love the ancient Pepsi cooler, the porcelain-topped tables, the Jujyfruits behind the bar, the local characters, and we especially love Betty. In short, we love this place. 5 Mugs
JOHN AND MARGE'S 9th and Green City It Doesn't Get Much Worse Than This Tattered and Shattered Trying to Beat the Odds 2 (shudder) domestics @ 35C on tap We hope not Think of the most depressive dive you've ever been, then multiply by 2. 1/2 Mug
JOHNNY AND HON’S GRILL Kutztown Rd., Hyde Park County Paneled Warehouse Blue-Collared Hot Dogs and White-Collared "Nurses'' Dog Biting and Pool 3 domestics @ 40C on tap Superb Coney Island Dogs, Burgers, Soup, Luncheon Specials Don't let the outside fool you, it's just as bad inside. But despite the basic decor, this place packs' em in day and night and we don't know of a better place in the County for a dog and brew. 4 Mugs
JUMBO'S CEMETERY INN Upland Ave. and St. Bernardine St. City Panelrama Bikers and Porkers Pool and Plotting 2 domestics @ 35C per sour draught Turkey Hog' to Pasta Sausage" We hope the new owners clean the tap system. 3 Mugs
KETCH BAR 4th and Buttonwood City Bright Paneled The "girls' from the Woodward followed us here Pool, Short Board and Shawnee 3 domestics @ 50C per on tap Sandwiches and Snacks This place could be edgy late at night but, thanks to one of our favorite server-uppers, Barbara, we felt very welcome. 3 Mugs
KOSAK’S 611 Chestnut St. City Converted Living Room Mixed and Respectable Bitching about the loud neighbors and watching the even louder TV 4 domestics @ 40C on tap Charm's Pops, Blow Pops and Tootsie Pops One of the few mid-block bars left in Reading, Kosak's is also one of the cleanest. The men's room was cleaner than many restaurant kitchens we've been in. 3 Mugs
KURTZ HOUSE 240 Penn St. City Worn and Forlorn What! Me, Work? Pool, Ponies and Pac Man 5 domestics @ 40C per Soup, Sandwiches and Snacks urtz seems to follow the Stanley philosophy of keeping the prices down and the volume up. It's generally packed with a strange array of Americana and other vintages and the crowd always seems to be having a great time. 3 Mugs
L & M MOTEL AND BAR Rte. 222, Moselem Springs County Musty Few Passing the Time Bottles only @ 50C per Pony Ronson Flints and Lance Ripples We'll be surprised if the L & M is still open when you read this but if you appreciate purism, stop in for one. When the neon is lit, Laura is open. CONVERSATION: (Suds): "How old do you think the place is?” (Laura): "Oh, I don't know, but its older than I am and that's pretty old.” 4 1/2 Mugs
L.T.L. LOUNGE Rte. 10, Green Hills Go Go The Inside Matches The Outside Sneakers and Peekers Dedications $1.50 per domestic bottle Chips, Dips and Linguini The L.T.L. (Legs, Ta-Ta's and Liposuction?) featured an amply-endowed Clairol girl with an "outee," lotsa grease caps and plaid shirts, a Blackbeard clone, and one peeper on crutches. We were actually upset when Rich bought us a beer because it forced us to stay longer. SIGN: "Rules for Dancers No Socializing, Nipples Completely Covered, Pubic Area Covered ... No Touching" 2 Mugs
LITTLE BROWN JUG Lancaster and Hoover Aves. City Jugged Mugged Watching inchworms on 2nd floor windowsills 2 domestics @ 40C on tap Burgers and such A once popular spot that has gotten rough around the edges,. as have the patrons. May have the seediest men's room in Berks. QUOTE: (husky broad at bar): "Thash all for me . . . 3's my limit.” SIGN: "We now stock grapefruit juice'' 1 Mug
LONGLOTT’S 7th and Walnut City Twinkle, twinkle little bar, what you were ain't what you are. Favor Long Necks Bitching 6 domestics @ 50C on tap Hot Dogs au jus with choice of toppings We had sour Pabst draughts and froze our buns off. A train derailment would not exactly be a tragedy here. 1 Mug
MAD HATTER 9th and Oley City Cleaned and Capped Heard It Through The Grapevine Experimenting 5 domestics @ 75C-$1.25 on tap (incl. 1/2 & 1/2 and Stoudts) Seafood Gumbo, Muffaletta, Jamaican Meat Pie, Oriental Wings, Spanish Fries, and much more Messers X has been Phoenixed from the ashes and the result is the best new bar-restaurant in Reading in years. The Hatter is bright cheery, very reasonable, and features a menu that made us sorry we were too full to eat more. The only problem is that by the time you read this the place will be overrun with smiling tongues. 3 Mugs 4 1/2 Mugs
MANATAWNY INN Along the Creek Go Go Unrestored Post-Agnes Some were more in love with their cue sticks than the dancing girls. Tough Darts, Pool and Philanthropy Molsons were $2 each Edible Decor is too kind a word for what this place looks like but the live-action visuals produced the best bazoomies in Berks and the fully-clothed barmaid turned us on as much as the dancers. 1 Mug
MAPLE BAR 1029 Chestnut St. City Aero-Block Shop at L-B Metals They don't play piano 5 domestics @ 40C on tap Full, Sea-Accent menu They're down to one plane since our last visit and the signs are now bi-lingual but the place seemed clean and friendly enough and some old features like the plethora of glass block and one very interesting dancing fool, along with the proximity to the best outlet in the County, L-B Metals, make Bilak's worth a look. NOTE: (courtesy of Ernie): Open X-mas Day 3 Mugs
MAPLE GROVE HOTEL R.D. 1, Alburtis, just below the slopes County Hand-Hewn Missing in Action Waiting for the barmaid to clean her glasses 2 domestics @ 65c + 1 import on tap Full Menu This is one of the most striking bar/dining areas in Berks with its stone walls, open beams, and walk-in fireplace amid a splash of contemporary. 4 Mugs
MARIA'S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Penn St. City Beer-On-A-Budget Blah Not-So-Hot-Stovers Waiting for the next Social Security Check 6 domestics @ 50C on tap Italian We liked this place much better when it was staffed by graduate corsetiers. Marids gives new meaning to boring. 1 1/2 Mugs
MAXIE’S Carsonia Avenue, next to the Park County Knotty, Nutty and Greasy Loyalists and 1 Johnny Yuma Clone Cutting the Grease 3 domestics @ 50C on tap Broiled and Fried We're not sure what the secret answer is here but they've found it. An acquaintance of Suds tried to sum it up when asked, ”Why do you come here?": 1. ”t's close." 2. ”I love their onion rings." 3. ”They have a lousy selection of beer." 4 Mugs
McKNIGHT’S CAFE 2nd and Elm Sts. City Clean, Classic Corner Bar Behave ... Or Else Cleaning Up The Neighborhood 70C per Pony Wings and Things Its hard to believe that this is a mere block from Combat Corner. From the huge pillared back bar to the incomparable men's room to the no-nonsense owner to Delightful Debbie behind the bar, McKnights is a Reading classic. 4 Mugs
MICKEY’S 10th and Elm City Pressed Board Attack Probably Have Paneled Bathrooms Watching the tube and filling the tube 3 domestics @ 50C on tap Gizzards, Tripe, Giant Sandwiches and FULL Meals COMMENTS: There are 2 good reasons to visit the Gospel according to Mickey and prime time munching. There are 2 good reasons to visit the Gospel according to Mickey and prime time munching. QUOTE: (Mickey, on Latirt-types using the bathroom to abuse substances): ''If they want to do that sniffity-snuffity stuff, they can do it at home.” QUOTE II: "I'll take Vanna in arrears.” 3 Mugs
MIKE’S 135 Exeter St. City Organized clutter Aging. Aged and Absent Tubing 3 domestics @ 35C on tap Broiled Burgers, Sandwiches and Snacks This is a nice old cluttered knotty-pine bar with a modest antiquated back bar, lots of memorabilia, deer heads and tails. tripe, Sen-Sen Tic-Tac and an enticing barmaid in a hot pink Ocean City shirt. 3 1/2 Mugs
MILLMONT HOTEL Grace St. and Upland Ave. City Beheaded Trophy Hunters Short Board and Pool 4 domestics @ 40C on tap Daily lunch specials + Stewart's and hot dogs by night Best ornate stamped tin ceiling in the County, great front and lower back bars. A fine find on the outer limits. 4 Mugs
MORGANTOWN HOTEL Morgantown County Ungentlemanly Clubbish On The Road Again Watching the Barkeep Add to His Girth 4 domestics @ 50C on tap BYO The good old boys toasted to life while we enjoyed the Victorian back bar and the clean, comfortable atmosphere of the best sudsery in town. NOTE: Last decent watering hole before New Morgan. 4 Mugs
MT. PLEASANT INN Mt. Pleasant County Logger Rhythms We were it at 4:45 p.m. Staying home 60C-$1.10 per "goblet" Full Menu A modest old back barstands watch over a 1793 log house and remembers the jumpin' days of the Bulldog Saloon. 4 Mugs
NAOMI HOTEL Rte. 724, downtown Seifert County Untouched by Newgooders New Dickies and Old Dickies Keeping the Little Lady Happy Schmidfs on tap (30C) and Lord Chesterfield in green necks (75C) Stewart's Gourmet Cuisine But what about Naomi, Electric Company fans? Why is this little-known place near the top of the Suds and Dregs Berks Classics list? Ceramic tiled front bar and walls, Old Reading paintings, ancient beer cooler, 50's juke, pre-50's country crowd, wood box bench seat, poker table, trough, wash and wear floor, modest pillared back bar with "iteneranf' oil painting, great back room with kerosene stove and long board, second great back room with antiques galore and more, more, more, that's why. Well, what are you waiting for? 5 Mugs
NICK'S 11th and Chestnut City Chain Saw Massacre Made Our Arms Feel Naked Staring at people who know the answers on JEOPARDY 3 domestics @ 35C on tap Sandwiches and Snacks The original bar was sawed off at the 6-foot level but much of the original mill work including the time warp front door, still exists. 2 1/2 Mugs
NO NAME BAR 9th and Franklin City Read Between the Lines Foreign Language Majors Long Board and Check Cashing 3 domestics @ 40c on tap Stewart's and Snacks The ancient barroom also features a flagstone floor, tiled front bar with brass rail, window seats, antique Reading beer art wooden beams, and a "subway' men's room that you should go to even if you don't have to go. NOTE: Bar closes at 6 p.m. 4 Mugs
NORTHEAST TAPROOM 12th and Robeson City Peterbuilt Wild Kingdom lectro Darts and Men's Room Reading 4 taps(avg. S 1 per bowl) incl. Molesterfield @ 75C + "under 1 zillion" brands in bottles. A 12 oz. bowl of Molesterfield and a 12 oz. bottle of Chesterfield Ale is a Best Buy at "1 George." Dogwoods, "Martian Dix'' "Peta Za," and "Hot Units" The Taproom is the best bar in the County for serious beer drinkers. It has a "beer only'' license but is generally overflowing with a great mix of characters like the Mayor, Tapper and even Sally Starr. Parking is a bitch, service sucks and the men's room stinks- we love this place. Pete is the answer .. . but we forget the question. 5 Mugs
NOSTALGIA 9th and Robeson City Flintstone Rickers Modern Remember What The Little Dutch Boy Did? See Back Room 3 domestics @ 40C on tap Sandwiches (incl. liver and onion)+ Snacks This seems to be a mixed crowd by day and lesbonic crowd later at night. The great old caNed back bar complete with hand-painted mirrors is almost lost in the renovated bar area and we also noticed that the barmaid gets better after 10 p.m. or 8 beers, whichever comes first. 3 Mugs
NUDING’S TAVERN 14th and Cotton City Pa. Dutch Ukranian Absent Reading the latest K-Mart flyer 2 domestics @ 30C on tap Burgers, Dogs, and Soup Although Nuding's has a nice collection of early 1900's Reading photos and a built-in checker board on the bar top, this place was empty when the rest of the Cotton Street bars were jumping. A key factor may have been the sourpuss “mother-in-law' bartendress who was more interested in THE DATING GAME than business. We've been to viewings more interesting than this place. 2 Mugs
OASIS 10th and Court City Urban Bungalow They were friendlier, maybe because we were soberer. Enjoying It While They Can 16 oz. can of Black Label - 60C Snacks and one sandwich The place has not changed one iota since the BARS OF READING 12 years ago. We even had Bloody Marys for old times sake. This is another great nostalgia trip. 3 1/2 Mugs
OBERC’S CAFE 10th and Elm City Happy Anniversary Prune Juicers and Double-Knits “When I was .. .” 2 domestics @ 40c on tap Soup, Sandwiches + Snacks Great old front bar with nice leaning rail, 3-man cupped urinal, Bev-a-Dor, and nice bright atmosphere. A Mom and Pop place that's becoming a rarity in Reading. 3 1/2 Mugs
OLLIE'S 9th and Spring City Glenn Miller Meets Mr. Mike Know the words to ”In the Mood" Reminiscing Bottles only at inner-city cocktail lounge prices We saw little edible here Dripping with nostalgia. Ollie's is the kind of bar Billy Joel could write about. Surrounded by big-buck outlets, Ollie's has somehow survived on a very limited-hours schedule. How? The bar is a classic postwar cocktail lounge complete with Big Band mushy audio, Mr. Mike bar lights and bands that play” LeftMyHeartlnSanFrancisco" to the delight of the blue-haired and rug-domed cheek-to-cheekers on the carpeted dance floor. The very proper bartender wore patent leather shoes with white socks. The men's room had a Richmond Standard Odorite, an original orange "Trojan” dispenser, a real cloth towel unit, and a chrome ashtray stand. The best-looking chick in the place had a platinum-blond beehive. We love this old girl. QUOTE: "If I can't gum it, I don't eat it." NOTE: Open Fri. and Sat. only, 9:30 p.m. - 2 a.m. 5 Mugs
P & J’S BAR AND RESTAURANT 10th and Green City Cluttered Boring Motley Crew Pinball & Piercing 4 domestics @ 35c on tap Essence of Italian We got the screaming lemmeouts. 1 Mug
PACHUILO'S 850 N. 8th St. City The Inside Is Much Better Than The Outside Neighbors and DINKS Video and Muncho 3 domestics avg. 40C on tap Full reasonable Italian menu The massive back bar is one of the finest we've seen anywhere in this country and worth a visit just for that. But Pachuilo's is known for the food and, despite new ownership and some upscale prices, the food seems to be holding up fairly well. 4 Mugs
PADDOCK 10th and Franklin City Incomparable Still In Love With Sophie Getting Back in the Saddle Again 2 domestics @ 45C on tap + Ballantine Ale in bottles Limited reasonable lunch and dinner menu The Paddock, a member of the BTA Hall of Fame, is one of THE classic taverns in the United States. It has been featured on national television and in numerous publications and first-time visitors generally stand transfixed upon entering the door for 10 minutes or so before finally remembering to order a beer. But its days may be numbered so don't wait to experience this rare treat unparalleled in the annals of bardom. Thanks for the memories Sophie, John and Frank, QUOTE: "Throw those guys outa here!'' NOTE: The latest barkeep does not suck lemons to achieve his facial expression but he should. 5 Mugs
PALLADINO’S 12th and Cotton City Art Deco Homey Youngsters and Berks Heim Holdouts Rockin' and Rollin' 3 domestics @ 40C on tap Sandwiches and Snacks Featured items here included a nice ceramic tile front bar, art deco back bar, Yuengling in bottles, and some good local color. An old wheezer-geezer who could barely talk was chain-smoking generic cigarettes. Guess she was trying to save money for the cancer treatments. NOTE: This bar changed ownership recently but experienced no major changes except for a much better stereo and live music some weekends. The name may be officially changed by the time this is in print. 3 1/2 Mugs
PARADISE CAFE Morgantown Rd. and Upland Ave. City Dull Clean Suds, Dregs, and a very dull barmaid who was more interested in DIVORCE COURT than her only 2 patrons Counting the slats on the Venetian blinds 3 domestics @ 35C on tap Stewart's, Snickers and Snacks The loser behind the bar gets our nomination for Worst Barperson of the Year (pick a year). If this is paradise, we'll take the alternative. 1 Mug
PATTY’S Pearl and Bingaman City Glass Blocked Surprisingly White Short Board 3 domestics @ 40C on tap “Italian Style Sandwiches" A surprise for the neighborhood. Glass block front bar and modest Art Deco back bar in a well-controlled atmosphere. 3 Mugs
PENN ST. PRIME RIB PUB 334 Penn St. City Tasteful New Rustic We be all of them Taking the doctor's advise? 3 domestics and 1 import on tap @ $1 avg. Full lunch and dinner menu The pub is attractive enough but it faces tough competition from the landmark next door. With prices like $6.45 for a 10 oz. pizza burger at lunch we can't see the pub staying in the game for long. In fact we'll be surprised if the name is still the same by the time the ink on this book is dry. 2 Mugs
PIKE CAFE Moss and Pike Sts. City Old-New-Cluttered-Electrified Nipple Nochers Short Board and Hockey 4 domestics incl. @ 40C on tap This place seems like it could be a good time at the right time(lots of special nights, etc.) but can be VERY LOUD and possibly edgy at the wrong times. 3 Mugs
PIT STOP New Berlinville County Gentlemen, Start Your Engines Black-Flagged Dirt Trackers Refueling 2 domestics on tap (price unknown - this was our last stop) Here's the Beef! A 30's style road house with a nice feel to it the Pit Stop is famous for huge steaks at bargain prices. Come for the beef; stay for the friendship. 4 Mugs
POST OFFICE Rte. 10, Beckersville County Pouched and Boxed Checking Out Life Without Charlie Fine and Not-So-Fine Dining Bass Ale ($2) and Michelob on tap You won't find Slim Jims and Blind Robins on this bar The bar is a Neo-Victorian masterpiece with its storied Mail Pouch barn side wall, Oley Valley Post Office boxes, stained glass and pot-bellied stove but the price structure inhibits extensive drinking bouts. Our grapevine has not been kind to the new owner's culinary efforts. 4 Mugs
RAILROAD HOUSE By the tracks in Sinking Spring County Le Cage Au Rose Lees to St. Laurent Serious Drinking and Serious Conversation 3 domestics @ 35c on tap “This is our 24th stop in one day and we are having a hard time remembering our own names let alone being able to write legible, intelligent notes but we're pretty sure that this is one of the best bars in Berks and we advise you to check it out.” NOTE: The Wednesday night bartender here is one of the best in the County. 5 Mugs
RED STAR SALOON South of the Border City 'Tis the Season to be Mary Railmen Crossing Over the Line Bottles only @ $1.25 per domestic Sheathed Cuisine A sign advertised "Flannel Shirts and Hard Hats” night. If you don't understand Reading Railmen, Vanguard M.C., and Bucks M.C., and if you tighten up every time you think of Bobby in DELIVERANCE, this is not the place for you. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is somewhere between 6 & 9.
RED VELVET SALOON Before or After Kutztown County Neo-Tiffany Flocked Profs and Prophesizers Grooving to the Pretzel City Jazz Band 3 domestics @ 60c per cheater mug Full Menu The darkness no doubt covers a multitude of sins here but it remains the hangout for post-grads, faculty and interesting locals and has been popular for years. 3 Mugs
REILLY'S COACH LITE 19th and Cotton City Be-Trayed Willing to put up with almost anyone, even Ed Yukking It Up 5 domestics @ 35C + mugs of Yuengling for 40C Best corner bar seafood value in the County. The Steamed Shrimp and Snapper Soup are Berks' Bests. Get your bellies to this popular East Reading institution fast-the OFFICIAL retirement date is March 17, 1990. "Dots Place" is quite a treat. Try to ignore the worst-dressed chef with the worst jokes in the County and enjoy the friendly crowd, the magnificent collection of antique bar trays, the fine food and drink, and the great prices. 5 Mugs
RENDEVOUZ 3rd and Walnut City Out of Africa See "decor' A wall poster noted a bus trip to DON'T LET GOD GET STARTED 4 domestics @ 50C on tap None in sight Even the pink bar stools, the cavern-like back room and the friendly young barmaid didn't make us feel comfortable. We got the feeling that this place could be life-threatening after dark if you're not. 1 Mug
RISING SUN HOTEL Across from Anna Mae's City Old Oaken Ceramic Original Gregarious Hoops and Hops 7 domestics@ 35C on tap; 5-glass pitcher, $1.25 Reasonable corner bar menu with seafood accent served in a pleasant dining atmosphere(in the rear, dear). We've had many great meals here. Massive, though fetid, urinal with a great view of the barmaid (and vice-versa), imposing back bar, Corinthian columns, stadium-wave cornice molding, and multi-colored ceramic tile front bar, The bar area is so outstanding that we didn't even mind the ferns. NOTE: Closed at time of publication. R.I.P. Kenny. 5 Mugs
ROCKVILLE BAR Rte. 73, Rockville Park County Permanently Permo-Stoned See “Decor" Real Darts, Pool & Short Board 2 domestics @ 50C on tap “SORRY NO DEEP FRIED FOOD TEMPORARY" The patrons, a motley mix of ass-kickers, hell-raisers, long-hairs, mamas, and King Kong Bundy boosters, look like the cast from Deliverance but we felt safe and comfortable in this flashback bar, probably because the bigger than life bar-bar bartender looked like he could handle just about anything. 4 Mugs
RONNIE’S 9TH AND EXETER 9th and Exeter - Moss and Exeter Sts. City Lonnnnng Rubberneckers Long Board, Pool and Darts 4 domestics @ 40C on tap Very good sandwiches, especially the char-grilled Cheese Steaks, Soup and Snacks One of Reading's long-standing good busy bars. The bar food is well above average and a good mix of people dots the very long bar. Not a classic as far as antiquity goes, but glass block is getting funky reviews today. 4 Mugs
RUMMY'S POLYNESIAN HOUSE Rte. 422, Monocacy County Tiki-Tacki Wok-Wacki Idol Talk We broke tradition here and shared a Pagan Tiki Bowl. We were disappointed that for $4.50, we didn't even get one of those little umbrellas. Full Pa. Dutch Polynesian Menu We know what you're thinking. Rummy's! These guys have definitely lost it. But, unlike other places of its ilk, Rummy's has not succumbed to the fad-of-the-year club. The live fish tank, bamboo, rattan, black velvet island girl nudes, mult-colored lighted balls, spears, Pagan idols, shells, J. Edgar Hoover portrait and lots more tackymania memorabilia have not changed In years and make this place (sorry, Youngie) the best of its type in Berks. We once despised this place but now were ALMOST tempted to eat here. NOTE: Authentic Sunshine Beer clock keeps bar time 4 1/2 Mugs
SAM’S 1st left after Centerport County Knick-Knocked Polly-Wacked ”10 people have been supporting me for years.” Story Time Bud or Yuengling @ 40c per pilsner glass Good Sandwiches” and Snacks The decor is a fascinating one-room schoolhouse mix of classic car, western, Oriental, German, duck unlimited, and American Indian. Schoolmaster Sam will regale you with stories, whether you like it or not. NOTE: Closed at publication time. R.I.P. Sam. 4 1/2 Mugs
SCREPSI'S ancaster Ave. and Grace St. City Neowhitebread Neapolitan Have not read our books Pac Man and Packing Calories 4 domestics @ $1 per mug "Full Italian Menu” This has to be the greatest cheater's bar in the County. We can almost guarantee that you won't run into anyone you know here. DDENDUM: The ugliest Beam bottle collection we have ever seen is one of the few interesting things here. 1 Mug
SEISHOLTZVILLE HOTEL On the Square County Pristine Reapers Deer and Deere 2 domestics @ 40c on tap Cheese, Chips, Bologna, and Pizza Fine pillared back bar, carved oak front bar, original brass National cash register and the teeniest rest rooms in the County in a super clean and refined atmosphere make this a bar tourists delight. 5 Mugs
SHARTLESVILLE HOTEL Follow the busses County Ingrained Flat-Topped Camping and Bussing 4 domestics (incl. Yuengling) @ 40C on tap Full More-Than-You-Should-Eat Pa. Dutch Menu This beautiful country hotel has a tiger maple grained back and front bar, wainscoating, antique furniture, stuffed birds, Custer's Last Stand, the best "itinerant' oil painting in Berks, and much more than we have room for here. 5 Mugs
SHERWOOD TAVERN Longswamp County Neo-Original Political Beer Salesmen, Wives and Hirsute Laborers Playing Games 6 domestics @ 60C per 10 oz. mug on tap Sandwiches and Snacks Owner/barkeep Frank a jolly type, tends to a pleasant mix of old (back bar), rustic (walls and beams) and interesting (beer can collection, hangman's noose). 4 Mugs
SHO-BOAT Blair and Schuylkill Aves. City Fur, Fish and Game ust like their counterparts in Yellowstone, these animals are getting burned out. Pool, Short Board + Video 6 domestics @ 45C on tap Full menu featuring Steaks and Seafood at reasonable prices This is the Reading museum of natural and unnatural history. We bring all out out-of-town visitors here to see the original wood floor, classic back and front bars, stuffed game galore and overwhelming knotty-pine dining area. We feel more comfortable at places like the Northeast but this is a must for true aficionados. 5 Mugs
SHORTY'S Kutztown Underground County Piped and Plushed “These people are terrible." "If you were my wife, I'd be home." 4 domestics @ 55C per with lots of daily specials Chili Dogs and Drools This is a large loud place that looks just like a college bar should look. ADVISE: Duck! 3 1/2 Mugs
SILVER DOLLAR BAR S. 4th and Pine City Quite Nice, Thank You Medio-Espanol + Medio-lngles Long Board, Gin, Jai-a Lai 4 domestics @ 40C on tap Sandwiches and Snacks A very proper bartender keeps the changing face of the neighborhood under tight control. He also keeps the glass block front bar and front window, as well as the rest of the place, spotless. This was one of the cleanest bars we visited in all of Berks. The Silver Dollar is well worth a visit but unless you thrive on LOUD Spanish, take your earplugs. 3 1/2 Mugs
SKIP’S FORREST INN 904 Penn St. City No comment No comment We could care less Yes Some We'd better not. None
SNUZZLE’S Dryville - Lyons Rd. County Scandanavian with a Side of Mailpouch Loud, Lovely and Lacivious Living in the Cosmos in Lyons Sommerized draughts on tap in sizes from 12-22 oz. (65c-$1 .75) Fresh-dough Pizza, Stromboli, Steaks, Deli, and more Hustling, affable barkeeps like "Sinbad" and "Long-Stemmed Rose," attractive decor and good food keep 'em coming back for more. This is what Your Place used to be. NOTE: Take-out draught beer in pts., 1/2 gal., and gal. available 4 Mugs
SNYDER’S STONEY RUN HOTEL Stoney Run County Wow! Not Nearly Enough Preservation Bottles only @ 5OC per Pony Milky Ways, 5th Avenues, and Halls Excuse us while we take you back a few decades. Snyder's has been run by the same family for over 100 years. The exterior features a horse rail, huge porch and wrought iron fence. The pristine interior has a magnificent pillared back bar, Art Deco front bar, brass cash register, Old Dutch thermometer, glass candy case, one-of-a-kind Sunshine sign (”Gsundheit! Wasser iss gute, doch es macht yusht noss. Barbey' s Sunshine b'friedicht der darsht. So Drink Harlich!"), an exemplary stamped tin ceiling, and artifacts galore. The unheated men's room is still outside by the barn. If Snyder's doesn't bring a nostalgic tear to your eye, you're reading the wrong book. 5 Mugs
SPRING INN 11th and Spring City Reading Tudor Respectable Blue Collar Puttin' on the Feedbag 4 domestics @ 40c on tap Possibly the best corner bar bang-for-the-buck menu in Reading, featuring excellent seafood and "blue plate” specials. The "Spring" does an overflow business both at the bar and in the dining room. Its friendly, comfortable and oh, so reasonable. We wonder why anyone goes across the street. 3 Mugs 4 Mugs
STAHL'S COACHMEN'S INN Pricetown Rd. at Alsace Manor County Unimpregnated Greasers to Ink Spotters Dining 3 domestics @ 45c + Molson @ 80c on tap Full reasonable menu "Weber's" has risen from the ashes once again and this rebirth may be lengthy. The barroom has new wainscoating and stenciling along with a Doric pillared chestnut back bar and expansive stamped tin ceiling along with deeply recessed windows. The dining room is an old addition but also easy on the eye. Early reports on the food were very encouraging so Stahl's, hopefully, will be going strong by the time you read this. 4 Mugs
STANLEY'S TAVERN Minor and Laurel Sts. City Polish Supermarket American Melting Pot Work hard, play hard 5 domestics @ 30-45C per fishbowl on tap Full menu with 1.75 daily hot platter special (from BARS OF READING, 1975) ”For the uninformed, Stanley's is one of the most famous watering holes in Reading. The bar features male only stand-up drinking groceries. gifts for the little lady, "fishbowls" of beer, shot and beerfor25c, and a'7& 7' for 25C ." 13 years later little has changed here. The prices are up slightly, though still the cheapest around, and Stanley's is now one of the COUNTRYS most famous watering holes but this is a true time warp tavem. Enjoy it while you can. NOTE: Our information tells us that the bar's days are numbered. Go before it's too late and enjoy this American classic. 5 Mugs
STEFFY’S An alley in Shillington County Cozy Quarters Ballplayers and Barnstormers Catching Up On Old Times 3 domestics @ 40c on tap Sandwiches. "Can Soup" and "Fresh Bloody Old Boston Eagle Stew" This is one of the best kept bar secrets in Berks. A friendly “back alley" bungalow with lots of knotty pine and congenial oldsters, this is what the Leader Nursing Home bar would be like if they had one. QUOTE: (Hawaiian Harry): "Why don't they leave poor Tammy and Jim alone?" 4 1/2 Mugs
STONERSVILLE HOTEL Stonersville County Gentle Ben Meets Bambi Bibs to Bubs The PUC and the NRC 2 domestics @ 30c on tap Weekend Platters Lots of nostalgia here including Howard, the barkeep. This is a nice quiet spot in the country with a modesty urinal, stuffed bear overlooking the bar, and stuffed Bambi under glass. SIGNS: "All glasses and dishes sanitized for your protection." "Guns don't kill, people do.” 4 Mugs
STOPPER'S Rte. 422 E., near the Junk Yard County Rustic Fernish Old Friends and Young Music Lovers Scanning the High-Tech Board for the Latest Scores 3 domestics + 1 import @ $1 per Mason Jar Full ever-expanding menu Stopper is a magical name on the East Side, much like "The Spruce" in West Reading and WIN Outlet downtown. The place is roomy and comfortable and features a Sports Wall of Fame with the likes of John Gurski and Tony DaDamio smiling down on the diners and quaffers. We found little unique here but if s the kind of bar that will still be going strong 20 years from now. 4 Mugs
STORK HOTEL 8th and Bingaman City Spacious Glass-Blocked Baseball Hats and Dirty Nails 2 Pool Tables, Pinball, Pac Man 3 domestics @ 40C on tap Snacks The Stork is a big, non-threatening, non-descript bar with little character but lots of friendly characters. STICKER: "Berks County Prison Society" SIGN: "All small bags - 40c“ 3 Mugs
STUDIO 124 124 N. 4th St. City Deco Dance We Be Jammin' Dancin' and Prancin' 3 domestics @ $1.25 on tap Sandwiches and Snacks We were shocked to find such an attractive place. The Art Deco main bar and Romanesque overflow bar combined with the tasteful renovations make this very nice on the eye and the crowd was very civilized and looked a lot like us. NOTE: Free secured parking across the street, $2 cover on our Friday visit, open W-Sun., 8 to 2. 3 1/2 Mugs
TAVERN ON THE LANES Heister Lane City You Figure It Have Lots of Balls Ifs not playing bridge 50C per draught Much better than before Gina the barmaid and a drunk who had a cabbie-chauffeur("Jush one more schtop, buddy.") were the only saving graces. 1 Mug
TEDDY'S TAVERN 8th and Muhlenberg City Slip-Sliding Away Teddy would need only 1 set of glasses now We were afraid to ask Stick to the 70C ponies, friend Down Home Cooking: Chicken Legs Sandwich - $2.50 lt's hard to believe that "Teddy's was once a 5B bar featured on the cover of THE BARS OF READING. The flypaper, beer memorabilia and the colorful locals are all gone. The beer cooler is padlocked. The ancient back bar is half gone. "Teddy's" may still have a future but as we sat silently nursing our "Rocks" we were more concerned about our own futures. Thanks for the memories, Teddy. NOTE: Closed at publication time 1 Mug
TEMPLE HOTEL 5005 Kutztown Rd., Temple County Seedy, Funky and Fine Know the Ropes, Chains and maybe the Velcro Pool, Long Board and Electrodes 6 domestics @ 45C on tap Good Sandwich menu (great Steaks) and some Platters Great front bar with rail, entry-level stamped tin ceiling, wainscoating topped with new paneling and lotsa noise. Friendly local crowd, nice long board and good bar food make this a strange but worthy entry in the Best of Berks. 4 Mugs
TERMINAL HOTEL 7th and Franklin City Terminal Hooked Playing the Common Market Yuengling on tap, if you dare; 12 oz. bottles @ 85C Bring your own Saran Wrap he Terminal is almost as famous as the Pagoda but with the AIDS scare it ain't what it used to be. Most "tourists" get so edgy here that they almost overlook the great stamped tin ceiling and superb soul juke. Despite the fright factor, we'd rather spend an hour here than at Reading China and Glass. SIGN: “Once you buy it you watch it we are not responsible for it.” 3 1/2 Mugs
THE BARN East Bernville County Tasteless Rustic Can't Appreciate the Eagle Belly-Ballooning 3 domestics @ 35C on tap Good Pizza and the like What's a nice barn like you doing hanging around a place like this? 3 Mugs
THE DOWNTOWN TAVERN 6th and Franklin City Airy, Bright Hip and IN Subyupps- they drive Yugos with wire wheels and wear rich Corinthian leather skivies Climbing the corporate ladder in suspendered slacks 3 domestic/3 imports on tap at fashionable prices Changing hip foods semi-full menu posted in men's room Featuring a very good Friday Happy Hour, music and specials, this has become the place to go downtown for those in search of life beyond the Peanut Bar. QUOTE: "We have fresh strawberry daiquiris but they re frozen.” 3 1/2 Mugs
THE PEANUT BAR 332 Penn St. City Shell-Shocked Half-Nuts Getting Shelled 4 domestics (incl. Porter and 1/2 & 1/2) @ 60C + 2 imports on tap Constantly changing full menu The Peanut Bar should be renamed the Peanut Lounge. At 4:30 on a Thursday, when the 2 real bars down the street were jammed, the "Peanut' was virtually empty. The accent here now is on creative food with creative prices. We've heard countless people bitch about the cost here of late but at night the place is still packed with patrons. Maybe the blackboard behind the storied old bar summed up what's happened here best. "Valpolicella - red, fruity- $3.00 per glass.” We love you Harold but, sorry, it's not the Peanut Bar anymore. 2 1/2 Mugs 4 Mugs
THE RINK TAVERN Old Pheasantland Park County If you can capture this in 10 words or less, we'll buy you one. Friends of the Barkeep and Skaters 3 domestics @ 45C per small draught Cherry Bombs and Other Delicacies A clean well-lighted place, the Rink is a real afternoon delight if you can find it open. The clientele was much more up-scale than we expected and the decor is a slide show of the owner's vacations. 4 Mugs
THE ROSE 1131 Muhlenberg St. City Striking Reserved Big Buck Munching Bottles only but they do have Yuengling @ $1.25 Full East Reading Gourmet Fare This is easily the most eye-catching place south of Penn but we had an abominable dining experience here right after the publication of EAT (see notes). We have had a few decent reports on the food lately but have not been tempted to return. NOTE: Waitress: "Do youse want something to drink?" S and D: "Do you have a wine list?” Waitress: "We have red and white.” S and D: "What label?" Waitress: "I don't know. Red or white?" S and D: "We'll try the white." NOTE II: The "white" came with the $3.68 state store price label still affixed. We were charged $12.00 per bottle. 3 Mugs
THE SCARAB 724 Franklin St. City Funk on Funk Looking For That Crazy Banana Short Board, Pool, and other Ball Games Bottles only @ $1.25 per Take-out only! The Scarab features eclectic decor with strong Art Deco overtones, a mixture of all races and sexual preferences and nice touches like a 3-hour open bar for only $10 on Friday and Saturday. But this place has such an open-again/closed-again history that we couldn't even begin to predict its status by the time this is in print. 2 1/2 Mugs
THE SEAFOOD HOUSE 11th and Spring City Nautically Nice and Super Clean Bill Boring and Wife Anything Safe 3 domestics (incl. Yuengling Porter) @ 60c on tap Full seafood-accented menu We don't think much of the food value here but the place is generally very busy and the reputation remains strong. Our barmaid was so efficient we thought that she was either on commission or in the will. NOTE: Fresh-fruit drinks - a rarity in Reading - are a specialty here. 3 Mugs
THIRD AND SPRUCE CAFE West Reading County Audio Visual We were once this young . . . we think. Wishing, Hoping and Getting Beaten At The Wire 3 domestics + Labatts @ 50c-$1.50 on tap Nurses Many of you will question our inclusion of this one but Sally Gallen knows why. "Its 'The Spruce', that' why." NOTE: After leaving here Suds established a personal best turning onto a wrong-way from a wrong-way one-way. 4 Mugs
THIS IS IT 8th and Walnut City Most Eclectic in the County Straightening Out Arts and Crafts Bottled only @ $1.25 per domestic The imaginative cuisine got 5 burps in EAT I & II. Pricey but worth every penny. 90% of the trade is now food-oriented and straight and the bar is still one of the most comfortable we know for a quiet romantic drink, 3 1/2 Mugs 4 1/2 Mugs
THREE MILE HOUSE Rte. 737 N., Kutztown, R.D. County Copper-Topped Scratch and Sniffers Speaking In Tongues 3 domestics @ 45C on tap Full reasonable Seafood-and-Country-Cookin' menu (Scallops -$6.50, Sauerbraten - $6.95, Sausage - $5.25) Beautifully preserved with original log walls, "wood" front and back bar, tongue-and-groove walls and ceiling, recessed windows, and copper-topped bar. 4 1/2 Mugs
TOPTON HOTEL Topton by the tracks County Antique Ferned Headbands to Backbreakers Pool and Video 3 domestics @ 40C on tap + 1 import Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner The best of the rest in Topton, the Hotel features a Victorian beveled mirrored ornate back bar in a wainscoated barroom with a good juke. CAUTION: Unless you're planning a long visit, avoid asking the owneress any questions. We spent a weekend there one afternoon. 4 Mugs
TOUCHDOWN CAFE Schuylkill Ave. and W. Oley St. City Eve of Destruction We Felt Very White Here Gettin' Down 4 domestics @ 55c on tap In the Bag + Porgies (and Bess?) There are some nice touches here - 2 Bev-a-Dor coolers, exposed brick and Tudor glass. Unfortunately, rough-hewn can also be applied to the clientele. 2 Mugs
TRAVELER’S PUB 17th and Cotton City The Way We Were Edna entertains on Tuesdays Pool, Short Board, Electro Darts 5 domestics @ 35C on tap Microwaved Beef Jerky With its multi-colored asbestos tile block floor, glass block bar and windows, glass-paneled refrigerator cases, ceramic tile men's room, and clean, well-lighted, reserved ambience, Traveler's is a bar as bars used to be. One local, who came in looking for free legal advise, asked for a $2 loan so she could buy something for dinner. She was so poor that she had only 2 slices of Lebanon bologna at home. NOTE: The bar has 2 dogs: one named Traveler, the other named Pub. 4 Mugs
TROUTY'S Blair Ave., Glenside City Subterranean Brick Yard Truckers and Welders Slippin' and Slidin' 4 domestics @ 45C on tap Chili, Sandwiches and Snacks Lively after work crowd and a "Know Your Wt. - No Springs” penny scale dominate the bar. QUOTE: ” What size pants do you take?” ”36-38, as long as they have elastic." 3 Mugs
VERA’S Moselem County Low Country The F-Squad Pool and Dicing 3 domestics @ 40C on tap Blind Robins and Chips The barkeep, who stands watch over a nice modest pillared back bar and weathered front bar from his sheepskin perch, is either a lush or has a slurred speech impediment. Included because of Case Study only. QUOTE: "This %$#%& bar is over 100 years old. We get %$#%&* and %$#%& • here." 3 1/2 Mugs
VICKI’S W. Greenwich and Gordon Sts. City Panelrama Pick An Island, Any Island Scaring tourists ... like us Do you think that we stayed long enough to count the taps or check prices? Probably 10 years ago we actually liked to drink here. This year we were thrilled to live long enough to drink again. NOTE: 1 hour after we left here 2 “Islanders" took a bar dispute to the pavement and one left with a free shot where he once sat. 1 Mug
VIRGINVILLE HOTEL Virginville County Virgina! Not the Same as the Decor Remembering when they stayed up past Johnny's monologue 2 domestics @ 50C per large mug on tap Full Inflationary Menu This almost has a French Country feel to it. Lace curtains filter the sunlight on the turn-of-the-century back bar, beaded tongue and groove wainscoating and window seats. The men's room, with its rabbit-eared cold water tap, is a treat and the barmaid reflected the size of the teeny TV. 4 Mugs
WALDORF 6th & Oley City Classic Old Reading Neighborhooders by day/Talent Seekers at night Music and Mayhem 5 domestics @ 50c per glas/90c per mug Snacks Outstanding original back and front bar with brass hand and foot rails and a congenial denim-and-t-shirt crowd make the Waldorf a nice find. Our main complaint is that the very good Happy Hour is only an hour long. 3 1/2 Mugs
WALNUT TAVERN 9th and Walnut City Spacious Leftovers and Dinners According to the owner, they got rid of the pool tables because the players were doing strange things with their cue sticks, 4 domestics (incl. 1/2 & 1/2) @ 50c on tap Extensive cheap menu served at the bar or in a very attractive rear dining area. One of Reading's finest old taverns featuring lots of space, miles of stamped tin and a beautiful old bar is unfortunately stuck in a neighborhood that has hit the skids. The rear dining area reminded us of a gentlemen's club with lots of wood and genuine naugahide booths. The barroom contains a classic old phone booth and the men's room has a 2-man urinal and marbled stall. We wish that wecould have visited the Walnut in its heyday. 4 Mugs
WASHINGTON INN 10th and Washington City Pre-Z-Brick Moved to the Burbs The Tube 3 domestics @ 35C on tap Snacks Squeaky clean but the owner runs such a tight ship that the passengers seem to have chosen a different boat. 2 1/2 Mugs
WENTZEL'S 11th and Chestnut City Spacious Dull Better Looking Than The Barkeep Bar Hopping, Fishing and Forgetting 4 domestics @3 for $1.35 (you figure it out) on tap Yes The barkeep looked like Columbo without a raincoat. 2 Mugs
WEST HAMBURG HOTEL West Hamburg County Down and Dirty Bottle Babies Short Boord and Trying to Read Our Notes 3 domestics @ 35C on tap + Yuengling Ponies @ 45C Full Menu Fri. & Sat.; Sandwiches + Snacks other times Apart from the Camelot-style back bar, you might justifiably question our inclusion of this one but the barmaid said It for us: "This place hasn't changed in years." We like that in a bar. OBSERVATION: The tripe cost as much as the hamburgers. 3 1/2 Mugs
WEST READING HOTEL 6th and Penn Aves., West Reading County Naughtycal High/Low Mix Paint Pots to Portfolios 3 domestics @ 65-80C on tap Full Menu - quality depends on the current owner/chef Many of the top movers and shakers in the County bend elbows here alongside hot dog vendors, house painters and pants pressers. One of Berks' top attorneys reportedly uses this for his office annex and we've heard that as many deals are cut here as in the Courthouse. The stand up bar is unfortunately, history. Stand up drinking seems to somehow bring out the honesty in people. 4 Mugs
WHIPPING POST PUB 11th and Greenwich City Busy, Busy, Busy Union Supporters Pool, Short Board and Dodge City 3 domestics and 1 import@ 35c + 55c on tap Bar Sandwiches and Snacks At first glance we thought the place and patrons to be shabby but soon experienced friendliness on both sides of the bar. 3 Mugs
WHITE BEAR INN Rte. 82, Birdsboro, R.D. County Vintage American Revolution Kept in the Dark Noveau Richeism Pricey bottles (incl. Yuengling Porter @ $1.25) Full Up-Scale Menu The food here has been hit and miss over the years but the tavern area (as well as the dining rooms) is unparalleled in Berks as an example of Colonialism. From the oil lamps to the swing-down bar gates to the stone walls and rough hewn beams, to the "Chippendale" settee, the tavern here is worth the drive. 4 Mugs
WINDOWS ON THE SQUARE 6th and Penn City IKEA West Looking Sipping and Hoping 3 domestics @ 75c on tap Breakfast, Lunch, and (maybe) Dinner If "Windows" was located in Inner Harbor(Bal.), and if the food was better, and if it didn't change hands more than the only mallet at a crab feast . . . but thats too many "ifs." 1 Mug
WINDSOR CASTLE HOTEL Windsor Castle County Stuffed Stuff Coon Asses Sittin', Sippin' and Starin' 2 domestics @ 40C on tap Beef Tongue, Sandwiches and Snacks This is a big bar area with classic carved front and back bars, brass rail, wainscoating, recessed windows, hardwood floor and lots of stuffed wall hangings. We fell in love with ”Miss Windsor Castle.” 5 Mugs
WINDSOR PUB 9th and Windsor City Flocked Long for Milloni's Bargain Hunting 5 domestics @ 40C on tap Outlet Fare It does have a turned wood bar arm rail and essence of old front bar but except for the fact that Midge comes only after dark on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there's not much to recommend here. 2 Mugs
WISSER'S State St., Hamburg County Renninger's North Diners and Dunkers Collecting Yuengling on tap @ 40C per Full Home-Style Menu, dawn to dusk Wisser's has a pillared oak mini-gargoyled back bar, swooped large block, cornice-molded stamped tin ceiling, and artifacts such as a Fleishmann's Frozen Whole Egg Container, along with great food. OBSERVATION: They have a worse Jim Beam bottle collection than we do. TIP: Skip dessert here and go to the Adams and Bright drug store (next door) for an original soda fountain ice cream soda. 4 1/2 Mugs
WOODWARD CAFE 4th & Woodward, Reading Go Go Worn and Sleazy Raincoated Men and Leather Ladies Getting Tested $1.75 for Miller bottles at unentertainment time Guard your swizzle stick The obese barmaid announced that if things didn't get better she was going back to Go-Go dancing. We'II admit that she was a Go-Go. If she says "Go," you'd better. COMMENT II: We felt like we needed a shower when we left here. QUOTE: (female "Andre the Giant' at bar): “So I smacked that mother *&%$#* right in the face!" 1 Mug
YE OLDE IRONMASTER PUB 1319 Lancaster Ave. City Tiffany-Beamed Hide of the Nauga Cy Young Fans and Hide-and-Seekers B.D., A.D., + C.I.B.Y.D.? Beck's or Michelob @ $1 per frosted mug on tap Full Menu (see EAT II) The wine bottle wall is gone but the overall ambience is quite pleasant, the prices are far from unreasonable and the service is professional. We wonder why this isn't a more popular late-night spot for couples in search of a quiet nightcap. 3 1/2 Mugs
YELLOW HOUSE HOTEL Yellow House County Art Gallery Deco Portfolio Checkers Trendiness 4 domestics on tap. We had short sour Schmidfs draughts (75C) Imaginative, mouth-watering menu with some of the best ribs in Berks Although a sour-pussed ”Bufffy" served us our sour draughts, the bar area is an ocular original and the owners ore to be lauded for retaining the original flavor of this fine old hotel. Now if they could just sweeten the Schmidfs and give "Buffy'a good . . 4 Mugs
ZIG-ZAG BAR 9th and Buttonwood City Ziggy Anglo Mix Short Board, Electro Darts and Pinball 4 domestics @ 35C on tap "Hot Dogs In Or Out" It was tough to be objective here after Dregs' experience researching THE BARS OF READING but we managed. The bardesign(zig-zagged) is a unique way of dealing with the problem of a long narrow bar. People can actually see and converse with one another thanks to this novel solution. The front bar has a convenient purse shelf underneath, half the bar has a stamped tin ceiling, and a Sunshine bar clock keeps the time. 3 1/2 Mugs
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