The oldest and largest establishment of its kind in this part of the State, Jno. F. Boyer’s old reliable stables, have long been recognized as unrivalled for efficiency of service and complete facilities in all matters connected with horses and general livery business.

The people of Berks have learned by long and satisfactory experience that by coming here they can obtain the best and most courteous service at all times. Travelers also can obtain the most prompt and thorough facilities for driving, riding or stabling horses, and the reputation of these stables has extended throughout and beyond this State, wherever Reading and its various interests are known.

These stables were first opened fifty-three years ago, being opened in 1840, by Mr. Coleman, and run by him until 1857, then changed to Henry B. Boyer, in 1871 to H. F. and J. F. Boyer, and, in 1888, John F. Boyer took sole control. Morris R. Boyer is now the active manager. Both of these gentlemen are natives of this city and among its best-known and most solid business men.

The extensive stable premises occupied consist of three floors, (90 x 130 feet in dimensions), and three stories high, the first and second floors being used for stalls, and the third is divided for storage of hay, grain, carriages, etc. There are 144 comfortable stalls on the ground and second floors, and complete accommodations for as many horses.

The stalls are large and roomy, on the most modern style, and the whole building is so constructed as to afford abundant light and ventilation, in marked contrast to many stables on the old-fashioned style, with cramped stalls and dark quarters. As a consequence, and by careful oversight, the livery horses of this stable are always fresh and vigorous.

Ten competent and experienced men are employed, and great attention is given to boarding and sale of horses as well as livery. The facilities and bargains here offered are always reliable and first-class. The livery department contains 25 horses thoroughly accustomed to steam and electric cars, also a number of superior saddle horses, all safe in every respect.

To meet the demand they have added to their equipment, and are now prepared to furnish carriages of every known build, with or without drivers, for families, private parties, picnics, outings, etc. A handsome turnout can be obtained here at any time, on the most reasonable terms. Our readers can in no way better consult their own interest and convenience when desiring first-class satisfaction in any of these lines, than in utilizing the complete facilities of Mr. Hover’s reliable stables.

Prompt cab and coupé service at all hours. John F. Boyer, proprietor. To avoid mistakes, Cherry below Sixth. Morris R. Boyer, manager. Telephone, 1242.


The equipment of the Howard Boyer estate livery and boarding stables, Harry C. Boyer, manager, Sixth and Cherry streets, was purchased by J. Elmer Byler, who conducts a livery business’ at Court and Poplar streets. The new owner will take possession of the stock February 1.

Included in the sale were the horses, coupés, phaetons, ’busses, barouches and five funeral carriages.

Mr. Byler came to Reading five, years ago and started in the livery business. He now has 48 horses for hire and boards 65.

Recently the building occupied by the Boyer stables (was sold to William E. Fisher, 541 Court street, who notified the tenants to vacate by Sunday, Jan. 15.

The sale of the property and the business transaction were made through Real Estate Dealer Charles H. Wieand, 612 Court street.


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