16 05, 2020

Reading/Berks Drive-in Theaters: A History

2020-05-22T00:57:12-04:00May 16th, 2020|Entertainment-Recreation, Theaters-Drive-Ins|0 Comments

Drive-in theaters were hugely popular after World War II and, on special summer occasions featured all-night shows. Among its advantages was the fact that older adults with children could take care of their infant while watching a movie, while youth found drive-ins ideal [...]

16 05, 2020

Rio Theatre, Schuylkill Avenue, Reading, PA

2020-05-24T15:03:34-04:00May 16th, 2020|Theaters-Drive-Ins|0 Comments

Ben Zerr opened the Olivet Theatre at 647 Schuylkill Ave., near Oley, on Thanksgiving Day 1911. The initial attraction was “The Landing of Columbus.” In 1913, this “motion-picture house” was renamed the Schuylkill Avenue Theatre. Below: Schuylkill Avenue Theatre, 647 Schuylkill Ave. [...]

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