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The History of the former Bachman Pretzel Company

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The former Bachman Pretzel Company, was founded by Joseph S. Bachman in 1884.

Joseph S. Bachman (b. 1863 - d. 1914), was born in Austria, and came to America with his parents, Francis and Margaret (Settler) Bachman, in 1868. He was educated in the public and parochial schools of Reading, and his first work was at Koenig's Marble Yard, which position he left to engage in carrying the Daily Post for Wilhelm Rosenthal. His next employment was with the Penn Hardware Company, where he remained about one year, and he then apprenticed himself with Anthony Vogelman. After several years spent as a journeyman, Mr. Bachman in 1884 engaged in business at No. 450 North Eleventh Street, where he spent three years, was for one year at No. 232 Mifflin Street, and then engaged in model baking on Fifth Street. Later he removed to No. 609 Moss Street, and in 1897 removed to 837-839-841-843 Nicolls street, where he occupied a three-story building, which property he owned.

837-839-841-843 Nicolls street
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He had a small oven and a horse-drawn delivery cart, and his product was hand-made and packed. Although the pretzel had been known in Europe for nearly 13 centuries by 1884, Bachman's bakery was one of the first in America.

In September 2012, Utz Quality Foods Inc., Hanover, Pa., finalized its acquisition of certain assets of the Bachman Co. The deal included the Bachman brand name.

In October 2012 the Bachman Co. was reborn as Savor Street Foods Inc.

Savor Street Foods Inc., located at 51 Spring Valley Rd, Reading, PA in the former Bachman Pretzel Co. facility, is a leading contract manufacturer of a full line of salty snacks including twist pretzels, rolled rods, pretzel sticks, puffed and crunchy cheese curls, and regular and cheese popcorn.

  • Bachman's renowned pretzels appeared in several episodes of the hit sitcom "Seinfeld" in the 1990s.Whenever the characters convened at Monk's Diner, a show staple, a Bachman pretzel-rod canister was ever-present alongside the cash register. When George screamed Kramer's line from a Woody Allen movie role, "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" after eating a sourdough pretzel, that was a Bachman snack.
  • Bachman’s brand also appeared in "Ransom," a 1996 Mel Gibson movie.
  • Bachman Twists ("Classic" Twists) are the same pretzels J.S. Bachman created in 1884 in his pretzel bakery.


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