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The Pennsylvania House Hotel

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Present Post Office

Former Post Office

Around 1939 the white facade Post Office at the Southeast corner of 5th and Washington Streets was constructed. The present post office replaced another post office located at the same corner.

Erected in 1889, the turreted brick and limestone edifice constructed in pseudo-Germanic style, is remembered only in photos now.

Still further in time there stood the Pennsylvania House Hotel which had occupied the site until its proprietor Elias Bickel, the last of a long line of landlords, sold the location to the United States government for $35,000.

The Southeast corner plot acquired an early prominence due to the fact that the local courts with their attendant audits and arbitrations were conducted in the jail premises opposite before the erection of the first Court House in 1760. The original tavern, a two-story limestone house operated under the sign of the British Crown.

With the advent of the Revolution, a new landlord, a Virginian named William Tillman, immediately dubbed his tavern The American Eagle and repainted with appropriate insignia.

After landlord Tillman came Daniel Oyster, a clockmaker, who ran the inn for three years from 1798 to 1801. Other proprietors succeeded and one of these, Benjamin B. Peter, in 1848, changed the name to Pennsylvania House, tore down the old limestone walls and erected a three-story brick building with shedding on the Fifth Street side.

The Pennsylvania House
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