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West Reading Town Plan

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Map of 1876

In 1864, Frederick R. Frill purchased from William Leinbach a farm of 116 acres. In 1873, he laid this land off into lots, and most of the lots in the blocks south of Penn street (West Penn avenue) were numbered consecutively from 1 to 200. The surveyor was Daniel S. Zacharias, who prepared the draft, dating it Oct. 21, 1873.

Mr. Frill sold many of these lots during the summer of that year, and delivered the deeds in October. The first purchaser was James F. Matz. He erected a large three-story brick building at the southeast corner of Second and Penn streets, which became the Farmers' Hotel. The first row of dwelling-houses was erected in 1873 on Franklin street, between Third and Fourth streets, by Abraham F. Reeser and William Geiger, of Reading.

In 1883, George F. Baer, Charles F. Smith and Reuben E. Demmon laid off into lots a considerable part of the Jacob W. Seitzinger farm which they had purchased, and the first blocks of lots then sold lay between Fifth and Sixth streets, south of West Penn avenue to Spruce street.


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