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Dengler's (Borough of Mount Penn)

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Mount Penn was established as a borough out of a small portion of Lower Alsace Township on Nov. 7, 1902. In 1909 the boundary lines enclosed 242 acres.

The place was known as "Dengler's" from 1841 to 1902, having been named after George Dengler, Esq., the first prominent citizen of that vicinity; who, in 1840, purchased a tavern and fifty-six acres of land there and took possession in 1841. The tavern was an old established stand in 1840, and had been a popular stopping place for teamsters on their way from upper sections of the County to Philadelphia with grain, etc., before the opening of the railroad in 1838.

The Aulenbach cemetery, situated in the western section, was established in 1851.

After the East Reading Street Railway line was extended to Black Bear and to Stony Creek in 1890, more especially after the opening of Carsonia Park, dwelling-houses at this place began to increase rapidly.

Many lots were sold, and a number of dwellings were erected, but the name was not adopted by the public. A post-office, by the name of "Dengler's," was established in 1884, and this was continued until the borough was erected in 1902.

In 1909, the borough included 140 dwellings; about 400 inhabitants; two churches (Lutheran and Reformed), a two-story brick school building, two carriage factories, an organ factory, paper-sack factory, coal yard, two hotels, four stores, and a restaurant.

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